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Workspace Workspace is the area on where people keep track of their improvement work. It is designed to help you set up and document improvement projects, collect data on key measures, and keep track of changes over time — whether you're working on your own or as part of a team.
Improvement Tracker

The Improvement Tracker allows you to track any of the measures in the Topics area of (or create your own custom measure). Just select your measure, set your aim, and enter your data. The Improvement Tracker automatically graphs your data. It lets you create customized reports for various audiences — your team, your CEO, your community.

Interactive Tools

The FMEA Tool allows you to assess the likelihood of failures in a process, evaluate the potential impact of a change and track changes in the risk priority number over time.

The Trigger Tool for Measuring ADEs allows you to measure adverse drug events in your organization and track changes over time.