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Workspace Projects allow you to leverage the full power of the IHI Extranet for your organization. When you create a Workspace Project, you have access to a complete environment for your improvement work. Features include fully configurable and customizable measures, graphing capability, team management, document sharing, and much more!

Workspace Projects Spotlight
The National Initiative for Children�s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ), based in Boston, MA, is hosting its second Collaborative to improve care for children and youth with special health care needs. Workspace Projects are invaluable tools, bringing together health care providers, parents, state agency representatives, and experts in improvement to share resources such as comprehensive care plans that help to provide coordinated care for all children. Progress is measured monthly using visit-based survey data as well as team-level data.

This work is sponsored by contract number 240-2004-35009C by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

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Using Workspace Projects

What is it?
Workspace Projects is an area where you can set up a private website to facilitate collaborative improvement projects and create virtual learning communities. It is designed around the concept of a Project, and collaboration is cultivated on all levels � Project, Team, and Workgroup. Teams share an organizational affiliation or geographic commonality, and anyone assigned a role on the Project can self-select into cross-functional Workgroups on subtopics within the Project. All participants share what they are learning, teams report their findings, and all work together toward a common goal. Collaboration comes easily with communication functions such as discussion groups, news, and the communications center. Sharing resources such as documents and hyperlinks is also a breeze.

Workspace Projects is hosted on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Extranet, and takes advantage of its numerous features and functionalities. Permissions are role-based and managed by the Project-level staff. The Extranet is the result of years of experience incorporating requested features and the latest technology � plus a fresh-looking, easy-to-use interface.

Workspace Projects features the following functions:
  • Setting up Projects
  • Setting up Teams within a Project
  • Managing roles and permissions within a Project or Team
  • Setting up Workgroups within a Project
  • Sharing start-up materials for a Project
    • Examples: Documents, processes, reporting requirements
  • Sharing documents with other participants (on a Project, Team, and/or Workgroup)
    • Examples: Presentations from meetings, patient-education materials, provider decision support tools
  • Posting your team�s monthly improvement reports
  • Collecting and reporting quality improvement data
  • Communicating via discussion groups and email
  • Sharing links to websites of interest