Event 15th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community

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“Erasing the Hotspot”: A Journey of Learning in Camden, NJ
An Interdisciplinary Initiative to Improve Retention in Care for Patients with HIV
Anticoagulation Bridge Therapy: Providing Safe Passage Over Choppy Waters
Are We Missing It? Fragility Fractures and the Early Detection of Osteoporosis
British Columbia Mental Health Training and Tools Fight Stigma
Building an Infrastructure for Quality, Safety and Risk in the Ambulatory Setting
Building an Online Quality Dashboard
Can Text Message Reminders Improve Attendance to Primary Care Appointments at a Community Health Center?
CCITP: The Qatari Experience of Engaging Physicians in Quality
CD4 Count Evaluation at Enrollment: A Strategy for Quality of Care for HIV-Positive Patients

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