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About the IHI Open School courses: The IHI Open School offers a range of online courses in improvement capability, patient safety, triple aim for populations, person- and family-centered care, leadership, and quality, cost, and value. Each course takes roughly an hour to two hours to complete and consists of several lessons, which take 15-30 minutes each. You will take a quiz at the end of each lesson. To pass, you must score 75% or better. 

IHI charges health professionals a subscription fee to access the IHI Open School courses. This fee starts at $300 for an individual subscription and $3600 for an organization subscription. (Need-based scholarships are available.)

Courses are free for students, medical residents, university faculty who teach courses, and users from the Least Developed Countries.

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Technology Requirements
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  • To watch educational videos, need connection speed of 256-512 kilobits per second. Browsers that do not support HTML5 video and audio will require Microsoft Silverlight Player plug-in.
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