TA 102 Lesson 1: Understanding Health Disparities
Thanks to economic opportunity, education, and medical care, many people are living longer, healthier lives than they did centuries ago — even decades ago. But this progress has left others behind. This lesson uses statistics and videos of experts to highlight disparities in health care and health — and to consider what’s causing these gaps to widen among populations.
Estimated Time of Completion: 45 minutes
Learning Objectives
After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
1. Describe at least three health disparities that exist in the US and around the world.
2. Explain the relationship between health care equity and health care quality.
3. Explain the difference between a health disparity and a health difference.
Alex Anderson, Research Associate, Institute for Healthcare Improvement View Profile
Nigel Deen, Research, Innov | Team Lead, IHI Diversity/Inclusion Council, Institute for Healthcare Improvement View Profile
Stephanie Garry Garfunkel, MA, Managing Editor, Institute for Healthcare Improvement View Profile
Kathleen Vega, BA, Freelance Writer, Kathleen B. Vega, Inc View Profile
Byron Crowe, Student, Emory University View Profile
James Moses, MD, MPH, Chief Quality Officer, Boston Medical Center View Profile
Jane Roessner, PhD, Writer, Institute for Healthcare Improvement View Profile
Liz Tobin-Tyler, Assistant Professor, Alpert Warren Medical School View Profile
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